Day 1 – December 23, 2010 – Santa

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Oppenheimer Park

Jim’s place was near Oppenheimer Park.  I sat, wrote and took in the beauty of this park.  This place was filled with life.  I’ve never seen this many birds in such a small area before.   It was not only the sheer number of birds that was mesmerizing me; it was also the great variety of the birds that were present.  White, brown and black birds were all occupying such a small space, and peacefully co-existing with one another.

A few minutes earlier, Santa drove by in an electric wheelchair.  He was “Ho, Ho, Hoing” while buzzing around in his ride.   There were a few other people enjoying the scenery of the park at this time. With Santa’s arrival, the by-standers started smiling. Santa was giving out candy to everybody.   Next, he drove his wheelchair right up to the bench where I was writing.  He reached into his bag and gave me a bag full of chocolates and candy.  He exited the scene just as he entered it, “Ho, Ho, Ho”.

It took me a while to comprehend what was actually occurring here.  A physically disabled stranger, who was living in this impoverished neighborhood, put aside time and effort into playing Santa.  He clearly spent time putting together a bag of candy for strangers to enjoy.  All of his efforts paid off and livened up the area.  I guess now I will put down my pen and take in the amazing amount of sincerity and love I have been blessed with already.


One response to “Day 1 – December 23, 2010 – Santa

  1. Really cool project. Creating a fascinating picture. I have been in a similar position before and it is an amazing reality check.

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