Day 1 – December 23, 2010 – Eric

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The radio was playing a song by the Rolling Stones.  A man named Eric turned to me and said that he really liked this band.  Eric had a long beard and looked like a very content man.  We quickly started talking about spirituality and life in general.  Even though our conversation was short, Eric had a lot of wisdom to share.  I sat there attentively listening to his words.

Eric said that times are always magical just like when we were little kids.  And that we’ve created a separation between what was back then and what is now.  I asked him if evil exists; he replied with a confident and affirmative no.  Evil does not exist.

Next on the topic of discussion was Jesus.  He said that Jesus was a great listener and that he was able to make others realize that we do not lack anything at all.  There are a lot of things in this world that we should be grateful for.

The community center is now showing a movie called “Bad Santa”.  I think it is time for me to head towards my next destination and meet new people.  Benny said that this movie is part of this center’s tradition.  I asked him to prepare me some hot water.  It was time to put another teabag to use again.


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