Day 2 – December 24, 2010 – Outside of the Chruch

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St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church – 9 am

I am sitting in front of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church right now.  The world to me consists of cars, buses and people going by.   The ceremony starts at 2:30 pm, which means that I am five hours early.  Some people line up for clubs hours before they open, so what is so weird about lining up for a church a few hours early?  I am not saying that religion is the answer, however the drive and passion to know oneself is.

Will the people driving or walking by contemplate what it means to be homeless during Christmas when they see me?  As I am writing this, two homeless or impoverished people walk by and nod.  They recognize me as a human being that is for sure.  It’s a nice feeling.  A few minutes later, I asked a man to take a photo of me (the one shown above).  After he took the photo, he said “it’s a real shame to be homeless on Christmas”.  I think so too.

This man provided me with a short glimpse of how the world probably perceives me at this moment.  I guess when people label someone as homeless; it essentially depends on how one defines the word “homeless”.  Home, to me, is everywhere you are, everywhere you have been and everywhere you will be.  The Earth and the heavens above are my home.  I was not born in Germany; I was born on planet earth.  I will never trip and fall if I was to run across the fictitious lines that are separating the nations of the world.  And so far on these streets, I have felt everything but homeless.  The people on and off the streets are reaching out to each other; at least that’s what I have experienced so far.


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