Day 2 – December 24, 2010 – Lost

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Lost near Main and Hastings

As I was leaving the Carnegie center, I reminded myself of all the Vancouver Downtown Eastside rumors I heard in the past.  Words like shootings, stabbings, drug addictions, theft, hatred, pain, suffering and all other fearful words repeated by the media over and over again were all being challenged within my head.  Everybody I met so far has been extremely sincere and kind to me.  Everyone here has a deep sense of compassion, love and understanding.  Sure, some may be going through tough times, but who doesn’t?  Regardless of one’s wealth or status, problems and pains can be felt by all living beings.

After leaving the Carnegie community center, I lost my sense of direction.  I vaguely remembered the way back to the Salvation Army shelter.  The reason I feel lost is probably because I never spent time in this area before.  It was all very foreign to me.

As I reached an intersection, I asked an intoxicated man for directions.  It probably wasn’t the best idea at the time.  His directions were incorrect and lead me to an even more foreign part of town.  It is 1 AM and I am lost in the Downtown Eastside with nowhere to go, and nowhere to sleep.  It looks like I won’t be staying at the shelter tonight.  It wasn’t really part of my original plan anyway.  Deep down inside I felt glad for not staying at the shelter.  I continued walking until I came across Cambie Street Bridge.  I looked around and decided to set up my sleeping bag next to a vacant commercial lot that was up for lease.  I took this picture just before going to bed.


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