Day 3 – December 25, 2010 – Panhandling for dinner

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Panhandling for dinner

After leaving McDonald’s, I panhandled for a bit.  I need money for Carnegie Community Center’s Turkey dinner tonight.  Brain invited me to come and I would love to talk to him again.  I cannot refuse such an invitation.  The dinner will cost me $1.75.  Hopefully someone will drop at least a Toonie (Canadian $2 coin) into my cup.  I put my cup down and sat there waiting for a random stranger’s generosity.

Not long after, a man dropped a $5 bill into it, which was much more than I expected or needed.  Were people more generous due to the Christmas spirit?  I am not sure.  I thanked him and put the cup away.  There was no need for money anymore.  “Brain, I now accept your dinner invitation”.

I certainly do not ask for much while being homeless.  However, the key to surviving with such minimal amounts of money is to have no addictions.  Unfortunately, some of the homeless here do not have that kind of luxury.


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