Day 3 – December 25, 2010 – So this was Christmas

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So this was Christmas

It is 11:30 pm.  As usual, we have another night of heavy, heavy rain.  I had to move from my old comfortable spot to a lesser luxurious location.  A security guard made me move down a few feet.  According to him, I was sleeping on private property.  As long as I stay dry, I am more than happy to sleep anywhere in Downtown Vancouver.

Throughout Christmas, downtown was very quiet.  I guess most people were spending time with their family.  I feel bad for missing Christmas dinner with my family, but I believe that my story will reach a few people.  It will be worth it in the end.

Most shops weren’t even open.  Tomorrow is Boxing Day, so I expect the exact opposite scenario.  On Boxing Day, consumer hungry men and women wait in line to purchase the newest gadgets which will occupy their minds for a while; others purchase the newest styles in fashion, all at a discounted price.  Either way, there will be a lot of buying.

A few minutes ago, one of my friends came to give me a short visit on Christmas Day.  He brought his cat with him, which you can see in the photo.  We sat around and chatted for a while.  This was the first time I was able to tell one of my friends a few of the stories which I have shared with you earlier.


2 responses to “Day 3 – December 25, 2010 – So this was Christmas

  1. Hey Nima, I met you in the alley along the rail yard behind Water street, (I was the younger guy walking his dog, although I’m sure you met many similar people) we spoke briefly about my opinions on homelessness and drug addiction in the DTES. I think it was your fifth day, but I am not sure. Glad to see you got your blog up and running, I look forward to reading more.

    • Hey Owen,

      Of course I remember you. I am not sure which day I met you, but I did write about you in my journal. Are you still contemplating on doing this yourself?

      Thanks for your kind words.

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