Day 4 – December 26, 2010 – Nap on Granville street

Nap on Granville Street

I’m not sure what time it is, but I fell asleep across from the H&M on Granville Street.  When I opened my eyes, I saw two strangers extending their hands with a Toonie in it.  Next to my pillow I found myself another Toonie and five Special K granola bars.  A company was handing out free granola bars and many passed on this generous gift to me.

I’ve already been overwhelmed with kindness throughout the past few days.  I didn’t even put out a hat or a sign and I wasn’t even begging for money.  People just give me what I need and when I needed it.  Would it be rude to reject the next monetary offer?  As I finished writing this sentence, another special K bar was given to me.

Well, now since I’m armed with more food and more money, it is time to use these weapons of mass devotion to spread it across the big city.  It is time to go and listen to people who haven’t been heard.  It is time to stare deeply into a rejected man’s eyes while reciprocating a welcoming smile.  How many days, weeks, months or years, can you live without being heard, listened to or cared for yourself?

I’m going to pack up my gear and start rolling my cart down Cordova Street.  There is a community center called Mission Possible that I haven’t been to yet.  That is where I’ll be heading to unless if get re-directed along the way.


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