Day 4 – December 26, 2010 – Carnegie Community Center

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Carnegie Community Center – 6pm

When I arrived at the Carnegie Community Center, I saw Brain sitting at a table.  I went over to shake his hand right away, because I have a lot of respect for that man.  I put my bags down next to a table and headed for the washroom.  In the washroom, I met a man who was cleaning the sink.  He kept on mentioning something about Whistler.  I am not sure what the connection was and I didn’t ask either.

The Carnegie Community Center has a small gym next to the cafeteria.  I noticed a woman warming up for tennis.  So I went into the gym and asked her if I could play tennis with her.  She agreed and she said that she usually brings two rackets just in case someone wanted to join in.  Her name was Faye.  We played for a few minutes and at the end of it, I thanked her for letting me play.  The numerous layers of clothes I was wearing were definitely not suitable for any type of physical activity.

When I got back, Brain and I chatted for a bit.  It is always interesting to talk to him.  There are many unique people I have met so far.  The number of unique people was about to increase yet again.  A few times now, I noticed a man wearing a cowboy hat, jeans and boots in the cafeteria.

His name was Mike.  He was always dressed really sharp.  I went up to Mike and told him that I have noticed his unique style.  He replied with “I’ve been working on it for 55 years.”  Mike was very talented.  I’m not implying that others I have met so far weren’t, but he had a very special gift in art.  He drew beautiful pictures on napkins.   Some were portraits and others were comic strips.

Once he finished his drawings he would take them home, color them and then lastly, photocopy them.  Mike’s suitcase contained many of his works of art.  His goal was to earn some money from this talent.  They were quite beautifully done.  He said he has a total of 3000 drawings at home.  Some of his drawings were destroyed in an accident; otherwise he would have a lot more today.


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