Day 5 – December 27, 2010 – What’s in store today?

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What’s in store today?

It is my “champagne birthday” tomorrow, December 28.  And I want my friends to meet Kenneth.  I’ve been leaking a few stories to my friends over the phone.  Many are interested in hearing of my experiences when I get back.  But do they know that I am on page 63 of my notebook right now?  I personally didn’t realize how quickly these pages were going to fill up with amazing stories and amazing people.

I am quite content with living with nothing.  However, my family and friends think it’s a crazy statement to make.  To be honest, the physical pain in my feet, along with the unhygienic way of life I have lived in the past five days, does not outweigh getting to know these real people to write about.  There is no doubt that if had I stretched out my experience to a month-long or a year-long one, I may have not felt the same way about it.

One thing is for sure, it is very sad to have so many homeless people discriminated against in our own backyard.  For example, some of the homeless may have the most brilliant ideas in the world; but to many, they are nothing but madmen or madwomen who cannot get their life together.

Is it possible for someone, who is not addicted to any drugs, to forgo all material possessions without being judged in our society as being crazy?  Some religious people in the world advocate living a life of complete non-materialism.  I am not sure if our society would comprehend that kind of lifestyle here though.  The only thing one has to live through, are the ignorant comments and judgments of others for the rest of their lives.  Is that the price of freedom?  It is hard to imagine what it feels like to be not loved or heard, until one has such an experience.


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