Day 5 – December 27, 2010 – Sean

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I decided to interview the cashier about homelessness.  This place is open 24-hours a day, so a lot of the homeless come in to warm up for a few minutes.  That is exactly why I came here today.

Sean carefully analyzes the homeless entering his store.  On some occasions, he even had to clean up bloodstains left behind from a heroin addict shooting up in his washroom.  That taught him the lesson of being more restrictive in allowing certain people to use his facilities.  Nobody enjoys cleaning up after someone’s blood or disposing needles left behind.  It is also not sanitary for his customers.

If the weather is cold, he tries to be more accommodating to their needs.  However, there are limits to his patience and it is based on his mood on a given day.  Sean made a couple of general statements as well.  He believes the majority of the homeless do not hide their true self and that they tend to be more real than the average person.  And that the homeless treat him with more respect compared to the “well-dressed” people.  The homeless take a much humbler approach.

It is now 6:30 AM.  A man named Gilles overheard our conversation.  It didn’t take him long to join in our discussion and I was completely drawn to his story.  Gilles’ life changed dramatically seven months ago.  He is homeless now.  It’s a very long, interesting and disturbing story.  I guess I’ve been talking to Gilles for a few hours now.  All I can say is that he has been severely mistreated here in Vancouver.  I’m going to put my stuff in my shopping cart and head over to the Granville Strip.  I’ll also need to take a rest as well, but I can’t wait to introduce you to him.


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