Day 5 – December 27, 2010 – Gilles – Part I

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Gilles – Part I

Gilles is a skilled man that can literally do any job around the house.  From removing carpets to repairing toilets, he can get the job done.  He said he charges a third of the cost other competitors charge.  Overall, he had difficulty understanding how anybody can get away with overcharging so much for such simple repairs.  Another interesting fact about him was that he lived in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Victoria and Vancouver.  He’s basically been all over Canada.

About a year ago, Gilles decided to move into a complex that was around the block from the Blenz we were currently at.  Without even looking at the apartment, he decided to take it for $500 a month.  It was the best deal he could find in downtown Vancouver.  A two bedroom was split between four people.  The living room was separated in half and there was one person staying in each room for a total of four occupants.

The owner of the building, Don (not his real name) rented this space to Gilles under the condition that he fixes any necessary repairs within the complex.  Their agreement was verbal and Gilles was under the impression that he would get paid for his work.  So Gilles started to get to work and deal with the tenant’s requests.  However, Don rarely compensated Gilles for any of his hard work.  It took Gilles a lot of effort to get compensated by Don.

After a few minutes of talking, it was plain to see yet another case of a simple and honest man being ripped off by the tricky, greedy and wealthy man.  There were many scenarios that Gilles described within our three hour conversation and I will try my best to remember everything he told me.  I actually had to cut him off and say, “I’m sorry but I have to write all of this down.  I won’t remember anymore, if you keep telling me more stories.”

I can barely keep my eyes open.  I think I am going to have a nap and continue his story later again.  Sorry Gilles.  But trust me, your story will be heard.


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