Day 5 – December 27, 2010 – Gilles – Part II

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Gilles – Part II

I woke up on Granville Street.  So where was I in telling Gilles’ story?  Gilles was working for Don, laminating floors, fixing broken toilets and doing various other tasks.  It was a chore for Gilles to retrieve the money he was entitled to from his labor.  Sometimes he even asked Don two or three times for it and only through consistent pestering was he able to make Don reach into his pocket to give Gilles the money he earned.

Don went on a month-long trip to Mexico and entrusted Gilles to rent out vacant spots to new tenants.  Gilles succeeded in filling up all of the unoccupied rooms while Don was soaking up the sun.  Gilles collected a total of $21,800 in cash and waited for Don come back from his vacation so that he could be given his money.

When Gilles gave that money to Don, Don gave Gilles a 6-pack of beer for his efforts.  Yes, for Gilles’ honest work, he was given a total of $15 in return.  It goes without saying that Gilles was deeply insulted by this payment.  It would have been better had he not even given Gilles a single dime.

The next story involves one of Gilles’ roommates.  His roommate had to go to the hospital to get his leg amputated, so his roommate paid Don three months of rent in advance before his operation began.  While he was in a coma, Don entered this man’s room and started to pack up all of his belongings.  Gilles asked Don what he was doing in his room and Don said that he wanted to rent out this space to someone else.  “But he paid rent in advance Don? How can you kick him out like that?” said Gilles.  Don replied saying that he didn’t want him living here anymore.

Since his roommate had no way of defending himself, Gilles decided to stand up against this injustice unfolding right before his own eyes.  He grabbed Don and threw him out of his room.  While he did this, Gilles shoved a $20 bill into Don’s mouth and said “eat that money, you filthy pig.”  How does one tell a physically disabled person, who paid rent in advance, that his room was rented out to someone else and that he should find another place to live?

Every time Gilles would see Don, Don would be counting money.  He owned somewhere near 20-30 rooms in this apartment and suffered from a gambling addiction.  Every few days he would hear stories about how Don lost thousands of dollars at the casino the other night.  Don was making $20,000-$30,000 a month in rent from his apartments.  Even though he was losing a lot of money at the casino, it still wasn’t a significant amount for him.

By the end of this story you will be accustomed to the other schemes he used to make his money.  These stories do not get any better.  I’m going to head to McDonald’s to grab myself a cup of tea.  It’s chilly out here and I’d prefer a warmer place to finish writing the rest.


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