Day 5 – December 27, 2010 – The Environment

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The Environment – Carnegie Community Center 3:15pm

In the cafeteria, I met a woman named Shirley (not her real name).  There was something very mystical about her.  I got myself a soup and sat down at her table.  Right away, we started discussing ideas and addressed general questions about life.  Her main focus was Mother Nature.

She mentioned the importance of the five spheres of rainforests that exist in this world.  The Coastal rainforests and the Amazon were the only two spheres she told me of.  I was supposed to research the other three.

Shirley insisted that we should use satellites and other advanced technologies to help save the environment.  In our world today, there isn’t any incentive to use technologies which improve life on our planet; therefore we often do not spend resources on such matters.  If there is a cheaper – but more destructive way of producing a product – we often maximize profit instead of considering the well-being of our planet.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning more from her the next time I see her.  Shirley also appreciated the fact that I was vegetarian.  She said that it was nice to leave more food for the fishes, birds and other mammals to eat.  I never saw vegetarianism through this point of view before.

There was a point in life where Shirley started to get physically assaulted, by whom she called “the authorities.”  She said that the reason why they beat her was because she was speaking her mind freely about certain subjects.  She clearly had a different opinion than a more powerful group, which translated into a beating.   Shirley chooses to have a free mind at whatever cost necessary.  I am not sure who these “authorities” were and I didn’t ask.  These authorities could have been gang-affiliated or a product of her mind.

The picture painted in my mind of the Downtown Eastside is growing in focus and resolution.  Either some of these “outcasts” haven’t been obedient to the state/gang or they are drawing conclusions that do not exist in reality.  Either way, their points of view are not in agreement with what others would like them to be.

When I talked to Brain, he drew similar conclusions as well.  You either have to agree with the people running the state or you can get shunned from society.  Brain claimed that “like a switch of a button,” the people at the top can cut you out and harass you in many different ways.  If that is true, then the choice becomes this: either one becomes a controlled thinker or a free one.


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