Day 6 – December 28, 2010 – Ninja, Kitty, and Sharon

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Ninja, Kitty, and Sharon

I spent the last hour talking to Ninja, Kitty and Sharon.  I initially saw Ninja lying on the sidewalk listening to classical music with his sunglasses on.  That definitely caught my attention, so I asked him if it was OK for me to sit next to him and hang out for a bit.  Ninja accepted my offer.

After a few minutes, Kitty joined us and sat next to me.  I started asking her some questions about street life and she made a couple of good points about it.  I should mention that this was a relatively younger crowd then I have spent my time with over the past few days.  Ninja may have been in his early 30’s, but the two girls, Sharon and Kitty looked a lot younger.

Nevertheless, I asked Kitty if the Vancouverites were ignorant of the homeless or poor people living in this area.  “Yes, but it goes both ways.”  The homeless are often ignorant of the homefull just as the homefull are often ignorant of the homeless.  That was a fair statement to make.  I do believe that we should aim for the middle ground, so that we can have an understanding and acceptance from both sides.

Naturally, the difference in age provided me with a different perspective.  They had a very easy-going, fun and carefree attitude towards life.  I noticed this when Sharon said “spare change for absolutely no good reason at all,” to people walking by.  After about ten tries, someone smiled and offered her some change.  It seems to me that an addict of many years would have a much more jaded view on life than this group of people seems to have.

It was too hard for me to start a deep philosophical conversation with a group of four.  Had it only been one-on-one, it may have been possible.  But it really doesn’t matter.  It was nice to have some fun in a relaxed environment.  Considering all the other emotionally charged conversations I have been through in the past few days, this was refreshingly new.  This greater variety actually shows the great diversity that flourishes on the streets of Vancouver.  Kitty asked me if I had met Wizard yet.  The description she gave of him did not ring a bell, nor do I remember being introduced to anybody with that name.  She told me to meet him, and that I would be interested in getting to know him.


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