Day 6 – December 28, 2010 – Philippe

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Philippe – 1:30pm

I took an hour-long nap in the alley behind Water Street.  My friends will not arrive for another hour and a half, so I continued to walk along the waterfront station until I noticed a man selling t-shirts on the side of the street.  He had crutches lying next to him.  The newest character in my story went by the name Philippe.

Philippe was traveling across Canada with Vancouver as his destination.  He had no mode of transportation so he decided to hitchhike across.  Along the way, he was given a lift by an 18-wheeler truck.  Keep in mind that this was all happening in the month of December, so the roads and highways were very slippery and dangerous to drive on.

As they were heading west towards Vancouver, the driver lost control of his truck and smashed into a light pole.  Had the driver swerved in the opposite direction, Philippe would not be here to tell me this tale.  The steep drop-off awaiting them on the other side of the road would have killed them instantly.  When the tow-truck driver arrived at the scene, he called their survival a miracle.  From there, Philippe was transported to the Kamloops Hospital and treated for his broken leg and bruised arm.  That was two weeks ago and he is here now.

Everybody you meet in life has an amazing story to tell.  Just by looking at him, or any person for that matter, it is impossible to know much about them.  When Philippe and I started talking about his views on life, he said that he believes in a higher reality, a higher being or a higher consciousness.  This accident made him very blessed and provided him with a renewed appreciation of life itself.

Philippe was an artist who drew cartoons on shirts, played the sitar and I’m sure had many other talents.  I told him about my project and he said that he was very interested in helping me with it.  In the meanwhile though, he needed to make some money selling t-shirts.  Having a broken leg without a steady income is difficult indeed.

After a few minutes of chatting outside of the waterfront station, a security guard told us to leave the premises.  He was not allowed to sell things here.  So we decided to find a place where he could sell his shirts without a hassle.  We walked up Granville strip together.  It must have been a slow and painful walk for him.  We made many quick stops along the way to ease his pain, but when he got there he felt that the effort paid off.

It is now 3 pm; my friends will be arriving soon.  I’m looking forward to blogging their reactions to the new world that I have found within my heart.  I left Philippe and started to head back to the waterfront station, which is where I will meet my friends.


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