Day 6 – December 28, 2010 – So this was my birthday

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So this was my birthday

When my friends left, I walked over to Kenneth’s alley.  Kenneth was patiently waiting there to meet my friends.  Unfortunately, I arrived alone.  When I told him that I was sorry and disappointed, he accepted it.  He knew that many will have a hard time accepting my new perception of the homeless.  Through my limited experience, I have seen both sides of the coin.

I told Kenneth that my brother was more open-minded and that he would come down to meet him.  Right away, Kenneth gave me his phone to dial him up.  So I did.  Within half an hour, my brother spent time with Kenneth and me.  I guess some people are too scared to meet a stranger in an alley.  In their mind, this was a perfect setup for a mugging.

I’ve been walking up and down Hastings Street in the middle of the night for a week now.  Not to mention the five nights I have spent sleeping alone on the side of the streets and alleys.  I’ve been walking through this “scary and dangerous” place called the Downtown Eastside.  First and foremost, I have met very kind men and women with big hearts.  And secondly, fear only exists within the mind.

You and I will perceive each situation differently and the way you perceive it will dictate how you feel.  Some may find a situation fearful while others may not.  Therefore, it is up to the person interpreting the situation to let in negative or positive feelings.  I learned this lesson on my first day.  When a car stopped next to me in the middle of the night, my heart started racing.  I thought I was going to get mugged, beaten up or even arrested.  However, in reality a Good Samaritan was delivering me catered food.


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