Day 6 – December 28, 2010 – Midnight Blenz Debate

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Midnight Blenz Debate

Last night at Blenz, five of us were having a debate about homelessness.  Our conversation got so intense that a couple of students put down their books and joined our discussion.  It is great to see complete strangers coming together and exchanging ideas on how to make Vancouver a better place to live.  In my opinion, I think we should set common goals and start learning from each other.

I learned big lessons in the past six days.  And I am sorry for being so ignorant in the past.  The homeless deserve more respect than they get.  It is my duty as a Vancouver citizen to do my part.  I hope that you are willing to do yours as well.

After our debate I tried to sleep in the alley, but I had a hard time falling asleep.  It was too cold.  the temperature dropped below zero.  Shivering cold, I packed up my stuff and head back to Blenz.  Even though, we’ve had a relatively mild winter, I still need a better sleeping bag and more clothes to survive in this weather.  I guess most people stay at shelters under these conditions.

Tomorrow will be my last night in the Downtown Eastside.  Earlier, I mentioned that I was debating whether to sleep in “crack alley” for my last night.   After giving it more thought, I do not think that sleeping there would do anything at all.  Even homeless people do not sleep there.  Instead of doing that, I will be sticking to my original plan – which was sleeping in a shelter.  If I had to take the last bed, I will cancel my mission and go home a day earlier than planned.


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