Day 7 – December 29, 2010 – Departing with the “Godfather”

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Departing with “the Godfather”

My blue sleeping bag and cat feces by the fence.

I stopped by Kenneth’s alley only to see his spot covered with cat litter.  Somebody decided to dump a crap load of feces at his doorstep.  This may have been the result of a gang member’s dissatisfaction towards him.  Kenneth interfered with a few drug trades taking place here.  During one of the drug trades, Kenneth was given $5 to leave the vicinity.  When he refused this offer, one of the gang-members pulled out a collapsible baton and started beating him for not complying.

His last beating was due to a completely different reason though.  It was for playing his harmonica in the alley.  They broke his collar-bone.  A terminally ill gang member, who lives in one of the nearby apartments, didn’t want to hear Kenneth’s music.  This is a big issue for Kenneth because he is very passionate about his music.

His friend Louis joined us.  Kenneth referred to him as his brother.  Louis and Kenneth were not related by blood, but Louis helped Kenneth discover music and find peace in his life.  How?  Simple.  Louis gave Kenneth his first harmonica.  The rest is history.  The harmonica allowed Kenneth to dive into a world which he never knew existed, the world of music.

Armed with a new and creative way to pass the time, Kenneth felt more positive about life in general.  Since then he has become explored his musical talents.  He now plays the flute, saxophone and clarinet.  However, with Louis by his side, our conversation started to shift towards Louis’ story.


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