My name is Nima Farzaneh and my world consists of God and God only.  I have been debating people of various backgrounds for over a year now, and I have yet to hear any good arguments against the existence of God. Unfortunately, many people in this day and age do not seem to care about critically important aspects that govern their lives.

Questions such as who you are, how you became who you are, what is personality, what is Science, what is language, what is money, what is reality, how life is governed, what is happiness, what your life will consist of, what are possessions, what is God, what is religion, what is time, why is God referred to as a He in most spiritual books, and many other topics will be addressed in this blog.  I love to hear feedback and get into deep debates with a person of any age, religion, background, foreground, beliefs, and non-beliefs.  I respect anybodies take on life.

My educational background is computer science, microbiology, economics and mathematics.  However, I find education mostly useless when it comes to spirituality.  If you connect to God using intelligence, words, books, buildings, and if the very first humans to have walked on earth could not repeat your way of practice towards the almighty God, then I am respectfully skeptical of your method.

God bless all living, non-living, moving, and non-moving creatures on earth, because they are all truly One and the same.


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  1. It’s a very interesting story and I am enjoying reading it, takes a lot of courage do actually go through with it. But as far as you not hearing any good arguments against the existence of a god I’m sorry but that doesn’t make any sense. Your statement should have read “You have yet to hear any good arguments for/against the existence of god” since no evidence exists either way. As they say though “the proof is in the pudding” and the fact that nobody in the many documented years of human history has ever revealed any sort of proof is evidence enough. Also the fact that there have been religions for centuries that have remarkably similar origin stories to the origin of christianity is just too coincedental. Watch the movie zeitgeist (if you haven’t already) on their website and let me know what you think. I’d be very interested to hear.

    • “Show me a single object or idea that is mine and I will become an atheist by tomorrow.”

      I will make a proper and concise argument about why I believe that God exists when I am finished my homelessness blog. But to me God is everything. GOD is an acronym of one who Generates (Brahmin) Operates (Vishnu) and Destroys (Shiva). And since everything in this world undergoes that pattern, the entire universe is God. I have written extensively about this subject on facebook, and you can read it up (if you are interested) here: God is one. If you do not have facebook, then I will gladly email you everything that I have written up about it.

      “Also the fact that there have been religions for centuries that have remarkably similar origin stories to the origin of Christianity is just too coincidental.”
      => I totally agree that it seems rather engineered. But it could also be cyclical, and if they are very similar in origin then it could be very likely that they are saying the same thing. Which makes it more robust when it comes to content. If a prophet was to come here today, then he/she would pretty much repeat everything that was said before. I can partly show that all religions have been saying the same things for thousands of years. “Partly show” because I do not have all the knowledge of the world.

      I have seen Zeitgeist, and I do agree with a lot of the points made in it, but not the conclusion that God does not exist. Religions are clearly man-made creations, just like everything else is in this world. Religions can be lead by corrupt leaders that use these organizations as money laundering centers. Not only that but, religions are used as excuses to fight wars between countries. I am well aware of all of these points. The last time I opened up any spiritual book, I was not cut, bruised, or beaten by the string of letters contained within them. There will always be hypocrites that misrepresent the true teachings behind these texts. That’s a fact of life.

      However, that doesn’t make the prophets that came before the created religions as fake. I do realize that Jesus could not have been a Christian, Buddha could not have been Buddhist, Guru Nanak could not have been Sikh, and Muhammad could not have been Muslim, because neither Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, nor Islam existed before these prophets came to earth.

  2. Very interesting view. I myself am an atheist, but an open one. I believe myself to be an atheist because I suppose I have been tainted by all the bad things and people religion seems to draw to it (not everyone religious, but like you said zealots ruin everything). I love hearing others views on spirituality and religion, especially if they are original and creative, I am very much looking forward to following your blog.

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